Dawn of the Fintech Market in Japan

Financial technology is seeing unprecedented growth. Find out about the kinds of opportunities available to your company in Japan. 

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Fintech to create more business opportunities in Japan in the run up to Tokyo 2020

Japan, which has the 2nd largest financial market with over USD 16 trillion worth of personal financial assets, is finally on the move to accelerate the growth of fintech. In 2014, the amount of investment in fintech start-ups reached GPB 36.6 million with a CAGR at 106% in Japan. Download our free fintech report to discover what opportunities are out there for your company.

Japanese banks seek innovative technology

Now is the right time for UK companies to explore the Japanese fintech market as Japanese financial institutions are shifting to adopt new technologies that would create tremendous business opportunities. Megabanks have installed teams to actively look at areas such as innovating their omni-channel banking service, utilisation of big-data and improvement of security. The Japanese Financial Agency (JFSA) has started to discuss the relaxation of legislation and they are planning to submit the bills in 2016 to enable banks to establish IT subsidiaries. Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games will also play a significant part to drive the demand for fintech as it poses a challenge to improve Japan’s infrastructure for cashless payment.

This report specifically focuses on opportunities in the following areas which UK companies may be well placed to tap into:

1. Payment/ Transfer
2. Lending/funding
3. Personal finance
4. Tools for customer touchpoint
5. Security

The full fintech in Japan report contains a wealth of data on the market environment, players in the market, regulatory position and insights into how to access the market.  For more detailed information, please download the full report below.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the full report.


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Interested in exploring further?

UKTI Tokyo are working with Accenture, author of the fintech report and advisor to Tokyo Metropolitan Government (contracted till 31 March 2015), to help British fintech companies develop business in Japan, including setting up a presence in Japan.  UKTI Tokyo will be recruiting a trade delegation of UK fintech companies to visit Japan from 30 November to 4 December 2015 and have many opportunities to introduce your product to Japanese contacts, network and learn about the Japanese market.  Accenture will be able to provide in-depth consultancy service for UK companies who are seriously considering business development and setting up an office in Japan. The latest information on the fintech delegation will be posted on www.exporttojapan.co.uk.

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