City-Tech Tokyo


27th February, 2023 - 28th February, 2023


Tokyo International Forum (hybrid - online and on-site)
  • Creating with start-ups through open innovation: from Tokyo to the world.

City-Tech.Tokyo is the first global event for startups led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the first step in its the first step in its SusHi Tech Tokyo initiative to support startups’ challenge to create a sustainable society.
The event will also promote Tokyo’s new startup strategy, “Global Innovation with STARTUPS,” announced on November 24, with the aim of realizing Tokyo as “the world’s number one startup city,” one of the visions for 2040 set forth in the “Future Tokyo Strategy,” the comprehensive plan of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

New Growth for Tokyo and Japan
Transforming Tokyo into a city where many startups working on a global scale will be created, leading to new growth and employment. For the future of industry

Realization of a sustainable “Future Tokyo”
Inducing open innovation with startups to create a bright future for Tokyo. For the future of the future of the Tokyo residents.

Resolution of global urban issues
Tokyo, one of the world’s largest cities, will provide the world with solutions to the challenges faced by cities around the world. For the future of the world.


  • Keynote speech (with world renowned figures)
  • Panel sessions (20 sessions with Panel sessions (20 sessions with startups, large companies, investors, experts)
  • Pitch event (with domestic/international startups, Contest style)
  • Exhibition booths (providing a place for cities, startups, major companies, and other participants to become acquainted with each other)
  • Business meetings’

More details on City-Tech.Tokyo and the program are found in this document or the City-Tech.Tokyo website.

Please join us and use it for your marketing, business negotiations, and networking among participants.

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