The New Basic Space Plan And The Japanese Space Programme

Read our exclusive report about the future of the Japanese space industry, and identify potential business opportunities for your company.

Japan’s new Basic Space Plan to Open Up Business Opportunities for UK Companies in the Space Sector

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At the beginning of 2015, the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan published a new Basic Space Plan, ushering in a radically new direction for the Japanese space programme, especially around the use of satellites for defence and security and the commercialisation of space technology. As of September 2015, no official English translation has been made available, but you can read the English summary below and download the programme timeline to find out more about the new capabilities Japan seeks to develop and identify opportunities for your company to enter the field and start doing business in Japan.

This report covers:

  • Introduction to the Japanese space industry
  • Space and security
  • Commercialisation of space
  • What this means for UK companies
  • English translation of the Japan Space Programme – Consolidated Timeline 2015-2034

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