Buckinghamshire University Launches MBA Top Up in Tokyo

One of the UK’s biggest assets is the quality of its education, which is a big draw for Japanese students who wish to study abroad. The UK ranks 3rd in the number of Japanese students who study internationally, after the US and China.

Japanese students appreciate the value of UK university programmes, which have a high reputation in Japan. One British university that has used this advantageously is Buckinghamshire New University. Their affiliation programme, which allows them to partner with quality educational institutes worldwide, permits students who are not able to move to the UK to study a UK university curriculum while remaining in their own country.

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One of their partners is the Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration (HKIBA), which has recently launched a Japan campus that offers MBA top up programmes in Tokyo through a contract of articulation with Buckinghamshire New University’s Hong Kong Campus.  The programme is conducted in Japanese and held during weekends.

“Establishing an actual campus abroad is time consuming and expensive, so offering classes through a cross border higher education programme like the one we offer is an excellent way to start,” said Mr Motohira Kita, who is the Course Director in Japan. “In addition, an MBA can take 1 year if you study full-time, and 2 years if you are studying part-time, so our 15 month MBA top-up is ideal for those businesspeople who need to acquire skills and show results fast, as well as those who need more flexibility in their study” he added.

Kita believes that there is scope for other UK universities to enter into similar partnerships as Buckinghamshire New University and offer their courses in Japan, although it may be necessary to offer lectures in Japanese but accept written assignments in English. In addition, he believes that sites such as Job Test Prep, which offer psychometric test preparation will become increasingly popular in the future due to the fact that many Japanese graduates who are seeking jobs are required to take the SPI Recruitment Aptitude Test by Japanese corporations. Job Test Prep is designing an English test to replace the TOEIC, which will now launch in Japan with Kita’s support.

Being able to do business in English has become an important quality for candidates to have, and thus there will always be a market for English Language Teaching in Japan.

To find out more about Buckinghamshire New University’s MBA top up programme, please click on the link: http://www.hkiba.net


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Article by Vanessa Holden, January 2015.