Blippar in Japan

Ambarish Mitra, co-founder of Blippar, tells the interesting story of how Blippar came to life and how it has grown to make an impact in Japan.

Blippar is a mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform that allows brands to make their above the line media into an interactive experience.

Export To Japan caught up with the company’s co-founder Ambarish Mitra at ad:tech Tokyo to hear the story of how Blippar came to life and how they have made in-roads in to the Japanese market.

Blippar was launched in Japan in 2013 through successful collaboration with a local partner and now has 10 local employees. Ambarish met his local partner at an event hosted by UKTI, giving them a platform to be at the right event, meeting the right people.

In this video, Senior Trade Adviser Etsuo Watanabe briefly gives an outline of the technology sector in Japan, the importance of localisation of your products to suit the Japanese market and the influence and impact working with a local partner can have for your business success.

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