Autonomous Vehicles In Japan

This mini report by the Strategic Trade Team at DIT Japan highlights trends, innovations and potential business opportunities in the autonomous automotive sector in Japan.

Automotive Industry Showing Innovation in Japan

Japan’s biggest car producer Toyota has set the ambitious goal of creating the first driverless car by 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. To boost R&D efforts, Toyota has initiated a USD 10 million bid to build testing grounds in Detroit and injected a USD 50 million investment into creating an artificial intelligence research centre in partnership with MIT and Stanford University.

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Nissan, meanwhile, has partnered with NASA to develop their autonomous driving technology with the goal of releasing a fully autonomous vehicle between 2016 and 2020 in an attempt to trump Volvo’s commitment to a 2017 deadline.

New partnerships, trends and innovations are being regularly announced in the autonomous automotive sector in Japan, making this industry an exciting place full of business opportunities for British companies.

This mini report covers the following:

  • Outline of Autonomous Vehicles in Japan
  • Roadmap to the Future
  • Investing in Solutions
  • The Benefits of Building Blocks
  • Potential Problems
  • Conclusion

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