Areas Of Interest To Collaborate With Takeda

Download this PDF document from Takeda to find out which areas your company could engage in with Japan’s largest pharmaceutical firm.

Takeda is Japan’s top, and the world’s 15th largest, pharmaceutical company with $15,961 million sales in 2012.  More than 50% of sales come from overseas and, as seen in the recent news about their appointment of Christophe Weber of GSK Vaccines as their COO, Takeda have been rapdily developing their overall globalisation strategy. The pharma giant has been proactively seeking alliance opportunities with overseas companies with innovative technologies and services.

Following the ‘Takeda Talks Pharma & Opportunities’ webinar hosted by UKTI Japan, Takeda have provided this document detailing the areas of interest Takeda has highlighted as potential opportunities to collaborate with UK companies. Takeda’s presentation slides from the webinar are also available to download and the recorded Takeda webinar can be watched by Export to Japan members here.

Areas around the Pharmaceutical Research Division and the Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Centre are explained, with in-depth details of the relevant fields cited as well as contact information to connect with Takeda directly.

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Areas of Interest at Takeda Research Division