Acquiring a Japan web domain

For companies with .com domain names, it is common for the Japanese part of the website to reside in a directory, such as

For businesses without a .com domain, acquiring a Japanese web domain for your Japanese website can help build your online presence in Japan and establish trust among Japanese users.

The two most popular domains are as follows – required the registration of a company in Japan

.jp – can be registered anywhere

While the most popular and trusted domain for Japanese companies is, it is limited to companies which are registered in Japan, and what’s more only 1 domain can be acquired per company.

Companies which are planning on establishing a Japanese entity within the next 6 months are able secure a domain name here.

For companies who are not considering registering as a Japanese company, the best alternative is to establish a .jp domain. These domains can be registered with many domain name providers such as GoDaddy, and JP Domains.

More information on what entities can accrue which domains is available here.